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1. Add breast milk/water

For powdered formula: Fill the baby bottle with the desired amount of water, then add the milk powder after heating.

For breast milk: Pour the milk into the bottle and heat to no more than 37°C.

Once you have added the water/breast milk, secure the bottle onto the adapter and bottle warmer.

2. Start MyBambini's Bottle Warmer Pro™

To start the MyBambini's Bottle Warmer Pro™, press the power button and hold it down. Then select one of the four temperature options (37°C, 40°C, 45°C, or 50°C) by tapping the button briefly. You can switch between the temperature levels with another short tap.

When the bottle warmer is off, you can check the battery level by briefly tapping the power button. The battery status will be displayed on the screen.

3. Warm breast milk/water

You're almost there! The MyBambini's Bottle Warmer Pro™ will now heat to your desired temperature and will beep to notify you when it's ready. The bottle warmer will maintain the temperature until you turn it off or the battery runs out. Ensure that the bottle warmer is placed on a flat surface so that the liquid can reach the heating element.

Never leave the bottle warmer upside down while it is heating.

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4. Add the formula

Once the desired temperature has been reached, you can add the formula to the bottle. Please carefully follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the amount of formula to use.

5. Stir your bottle

Once the formula has been added to the bottle, screw the cap on the bottle. After the cap is secure, it's important to stir the bottle gently. This will help to distribute the formula evenly and ensure that the temperature of the formula is consistent throughout the bottle. Stirring the bottle can also help to dissolve any clumps or lumps that may have formed during the heating process. To stir the bottle, simply rotate it gently, taking care not to shake it too vigorously. This will ensure that the formula is properly mixed and ready for your baby to enjoy.

6. Your bottle is done!

Your bottle is now ready to be fed to your hungry baby. Whether you've been using powder formula or breast milk, you can rest assured that the contents of the bottle have been heated to the desired temperature, and that the formula is properly mixed. The bottle is now ready to provide your baby with the nutrients they need to grow and thrive.